March 23, 2020  Jesus Knows 
(Read Matthew 26:36-46; John 17:1-5; Mark 14:32-52; Luke 22:40-53).


These are the four Gospel accounts of the same event. My favorite account is in the Gospel of John. However, I believe the differences in the accounts are important. Sometimes we need a Jesus who shows us how to be strong in the face of adversity. John shows us this as Jesus knows why He came to earth—to die for us. He was not going to let anything deter Him from His mission of love. Sometimes we need a Jesus who shows us that it is okay to tell God that our souls are overwhelmed with sorrow—that we really don’t want to suffer.


Jesus prayed that God take His suffering and His fate away.


One of the Gospels says that Jesus was so distressed that an angel came and strengthened Him. Haven’t you ever been so sorrowful that it has taken all of your energy? Jesus was even sweating blood. Anguish, sorrow, fear, and trepidation are all human emotions. Jesus was fully human and fully divine. From these Scriptures we are able to identify with Jesus’ humanity and because of His experiences, He is able to identify with ours. When you need to be strong, think of Jesus’ prayer in the Gospel of John.


When you are overwhelmed with sorrow, think of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke, imagine the angels strengthening you, know that it’s okay to express your feelings to God. How are you feeling today? Jesus knows.


Had to share this devotion I just read.
Pastor Dom