You are constantly on my heart!

Dear Members and friends of Redeemer and St. Martin’s Lutheran Churches,

You are constantly on my heart. This predicament is stretching us in ways we never could have imagined. Who would have thought in January and February that we would be “sheltering in place” at all, much less for “who knows how long?”

But God is with us nonetheless with unlimited grace. Families are spending much more me together and some are even gathering at the dinner table together. We are making and receiving many more phone calls with loved ones checking in and checking on each other. Cards of well wishes are being sent and received. And our on-line Worship services still deliver God’s grace to us in His word. The blessings of absolution and prayer and hymn singing continue to abound in our lives despite certain barriers. And if you do not have internet access, devotions, prayer, and scripture can bring you much peace and

joy in this troubling time. We can start and end each day ever mindful of God’s presence in Christ our Savior. I cannot wait for the day we can gather again in God’s House and at Christ’s Table! Until then, worshipping together online (together, yet apart) will keep us near to God and to one another. Christ is with us, even as we for a time long to come together again in one place. May our desire for one another and Christ’s body and blood grow even more intense as we “shelter in place”. I thank God always for my call here and for the privilege of fellowship with each and every one of you.

Under the precious blood of Christ +

-- Pastor Dom

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