Meeting Together On-Line Around God's Word (Matthew 18:20)

Dear Friends,

If you joined our last Worship Service on-line (May 3rd), you might remember me broaching the important topic of continuing to attend on-line Services to maintain good spiritual health.

I mentioned that there is the danger of slow spiritual death for one who does not to continue to meet together (even from afar) around God’s Word.

"Where two or three are gathered in My name..." Jesus says. Even on-line? Well, yes.

Also, there are at least three in physical attendance every time we stream a Service. Thanks to Rich Hanney and Nancy (my most spectacular, beautiful, caring, loving wife) I am not alone. AND THEY DO A MARVELOUS JOB taping the Services!

In addition, Tracie Hall and Jeff Radt are doing an equally MARVELOUS JOB in seeing to it that the Services are available on-line and that they get to all of you!

What good is it if we live through the pandemic, but even one of us dies spiritually? I want us ALL to come back together as soon as we can safely do so. I long to see you all again and share the Lord’s Supper with you.

Especially now, all we have is God’s Word. Please read your Bible, your Portals of Prayer, and make it a point to attend worship HERE every Sunday.

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