Just pray! At times like what we’re going through right now, that brief statement says it all.

Just pray.

People have a tendency, especially when dealing with something like this pandemic, to focus too much on saying (praying) the right words.

Just pray!

Go to God and talk. Say what’s on your mind. Poor out your emotions. State your case. Share your fears and wants. And then, be still. Surrender to Him.


The encounter will prepare your heart to accept (receive) whatever His will might be and give you peace. And you will be better prepared to then understand and help others during this time. And that starts with you doing what needs to be done to protect yourself and those around you. And to keep doing it!

Fear and panic can destroy the peace God gives, while a “no big deal” attitude about the situation, can destroy you, your loved ones, and others.

Just go, pray, and do!

Focus on your life, your relationship with God and your loved ones. Those are the things that will make the biggest difference. Now. And forever!

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